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Films I Want To Watch That Were Adapted From Stage Plays

Screenshot from Glengarry Glen Ross

After enjoying the film Glengarry Glen Ross last night I wondered if its origins as a stage play might be a big reason for its appeal to me.

The stellar cast obviously had a lot to do with it being so engaging, but the combination of tight, intense dialogue and just a few scene locations also contribute to the boiler pot atmosphere.

To investigate this line of thought I went on Wikipedia and found a list of plays adapted into feature films. From that I've created a list (below) of films that interest me and will seek out to watch. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that some of my favourite films started life on the stage.

To make my 'To Watch' list, I started at the top of the alphabetical list on the Wikipedia page and took a first pass of films that I'd like to see. There are loads of films there; I got as far as the 'E's before my mind started wandering off.

So this is my starting list - I'll add more when I've watched some of them.

I have no interest in writing film reviews, but I might add some commentary to some of the entries, if warranted.

Note: Films that I've watched in the last couple of years have links to their IMDb entries. Anything without a link I haven't yet seen, or haven't seen recently and want to watch again.

Oh, there won't be any musicals on the list.

Act 1: Films with titles that start with the letters A-E

Not A-E film titles, but will be on the list when it expands later: